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***Abuse of our time and generousity will result in***
***your being banned. This is non-negotionable.***

To obtain styles, you must first comply with the following:

Read and agree to the rules and guidelines
of the community.
Join, and add cherrystyle to your friends list. (It is important, so that you can recieve important community news, etc.)
Visit our Website and become a member. All styles are located there.
DO NOT comment on the community stating you took a style. Comment where your style is listed. There are links on the style pages. USE THEM.
Leave all credits in-tact.
Please place our button with a link back to us, on your user info.

Please upload buttons to your own server.

Direct your link to:


Need the code?

(change the address in the link to your own server or image host)

If you are having problems with something you can get assistance at styles_help.

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